We sell structured advice and implementation on business strategy and development aimed at addressing our clients into a specific growth path.
A strategy consultant is a facilitator, a sparring partner for both entrepreneurs and managers. We propose solutions for business performance improvement while caring for the whats and the hows. Implementation is backed by our project management expertise and operational support. Available solutions also include supervision, coaching and management within the operative stage.
A company should seek consultants’ advice when performing well and willing to improve further. An ambitious company must think about its future. Our unbiased professionals provide the lateral thinking and successful methodologies that client’s internal staff often overlook, because overcome by the daily tasks.
When it is clear, implementable and contains new ideas.
Our experience in the field of management consulting and our strong conceptual creativity are at disposal of those who want to differentiate significantly themselves in the marketplace. Moreover, our clients and we benefit from an international network of high-profile professionals. [link to team] Our aim is to be the best providers of consultancy, combined with creativity. The pricing of our value proposition is fully transparent.
Our clients are national and international medium and medium/big-sized companies, needing to grow globally in terms of culture and size. We also work for larger companies and multinationals. Our clients are ambitious, willing to distinguish themselves from the competition and to become leaders.
Yes, we can support small companies and start-up projects with great ideas and even greater ambitions.
We are the first consultancy firm in the world displaying a clear list of estimated fees [LINK to find your solution]. However, we are able to be more price competitive than any big global firms. In addition, we deliver results rapidly, with fewer man-days than the market average. As a result, costs are low without compromising quality of execution. Guaranteed.
Yes, we do. We work together with the best private equity funds on mergers and acquisitions and company stake sales. On a technical level, we have partnerships with the best law, tax and corporate finance firms.
Few months on average, with the first results coming in the first weeks already. Engagements should last no more than two years, particularly for out-of-ordinary projects. The relationship may continue at lower cost, as we get more involved into the company by, for example, taking part to the boards or strategic committees.
We are extremely careful when selecting our consultants. Besides technical competences, we look for high moral profile people, who are unconventional, responsible and result oriented.
The Fair Play Bizlabs are our “business laboratories” based in our HQ in Italy. They are a technical and creative laboratory, a place designed to facilitate the matching of talents, ideas, skills, teamwork, and a place where we create innovative projects with and for our customers.

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