People are the core of our company. We put a lot of attention on selecting, training, evaluating and motivating our collaborators. We constantly look for those specific alchemies that create harmonic and united teams.

We always look for extremely talented and ethical people. We train them through practice on the job, courses and coaching by one of our partners. Industrial Management Engineers, Economists, Mathematicians are the profiles we are mainly interested in, but we also take into consideration computer technicians, philosophers and humanistic profiles.

The ideal career of a Fairplayer is as follows:

4/6 months:

Admission to an internship can be granted during university studies, or after the studies have been completed with a high level academic curriculum. Normally the internship is addressed to employment.

Business Analyst
1/2 years:

An operative advisor who collects and processes data, creates analysis models, produces reports, presentations.

Consultant o associate
2/4 years:

A consultant responsible for project modules, who works with the clients’ middle management, produces market research and complex analyses, reports and presentations. The person is assessed for the MBA.

Senior Consultant
4/7 years:

Autonomously manages projects under the supervision of executive management, manages complex project teams, interacts with clients at all levels, takes part in drafting the final recommendations.

8+ years:

Plans project strategies, leads complex groups, interacts at all top management levels with clients and is decisive in producing results.

10+ years:

A young leader with business ability and varied skills, able to inspire innovation and manage complex projects and situations.

Senior Partner
15+ years:

A recognised industry and/or sector expert, a leader, responsible for business development, manages companies and/or practices and is responsible to the clients’ highest executive levels.

Senior Advisor
15+ years:

An external recognised industry and/or sector expert, a leader, manages complex projects.

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